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Restaurant in Ginostra

And eating in Ginostra…

…you can go to L’Incontro, the restaurant managed by Immacolata and Salvatore Petrusa, Giovanna’s parents. The large terrace of the restaurant makes you feel like you are on the command deck of a ship with a delightful view from above of the sea and all the islands of the Aeolian archipelago.

L’Incontro is one of two restaurants in Ginostra and it has always offered the tasty and creative dishes of the Aeolian Islands. Freshly caught fish is the specialty, whether served as a main dish or as a pasta sauce.

We suggest you taste the speciality called “del rollo,” which carries the name of the small boats that, until just a few years ago, used to transport passengers from the boats to the pier. The “rollo” is a symbol of the Aeolian past. At the restaurant L’Incontro you can take a brief rest at lunch time, by coming up from the shore to find cool and pleasant refreshments before taking a nap during the hot, afternoon hours.
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